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Marc Maron - Tickets Still Available (download)

Marc Maron - Tickets Still Available (download)

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Marc Maron is a mix of an unlikely but outspoken Presidential candidate combined with the homeless dude on your block who is convinced you are Karl Rove’s robot love child and refuses to accept your handouts. His now-sober view of a world ripe with political blunderings and disappointment has landed him frequent guest spots on The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. And now Stand Up! Records brings you his latest evening of comedy, “Tickets Still Available.” Maron lends his neurosis to create a self-deprecating festival of laughter and offers his insight into a world of pharmaceuticals, psychic vampires, and shameful masturbation. Truly gifted in elegantly personifying and finding deep meaning in the world, Marc Maron really just wants to allow himself to carelessly eat his way into obesity. And while Marc Maron is sadly not making a bid for the Presidency, “Tickets Still Available” has the power to infiltrate the fabric of the US of A - supporting the fears of raving mad conspiracy theory ridden street dwellers and shining a light on the depression of normal desk-jobbed civilians alike.

Track Listing

  1. Lower Your Expectations
  2. Getting High Without Drugs
  3. All You Can Eat
  4. Dad/Depression
  5. Bush and the Founding Fathers
  6. Prozac
  7. Political Action
  8. End of the World
  9. Terrorism
  10. Bitter Jesus
  11. Coming Out As A Jew
  12. Fueled By Self Hate
  13. Life
  14. Being in Love
  15. The Older Man
  16. Yelling At Women
  17. My Inner Biker and Jill
  18. Out Technologized, Over Informatised, Time Vats

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