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Marc Maron - Not Sold Out (CD)

Marc Maron - Not Sold Out (CD)

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Stand Up! Records is happy to announce the re-release of Air America luminary Marc Maron’s first CD, the newly remastered “Not Sold Out.” For those who have witnessed their own personal progression from righteous indignation, to flat-out rage, to defeatist internal fuming, to apathy and back again, sixty minutes with Marc Maron will feel not only familiar, but eerily like having a drink, a couple of Prozacs and a boisterous argument with yourself.

Maron happily touches on everything from the fact that drug-pushers and porn-peddlers are not, I repeat, not here to look out for your well being, to his own divinely-inspired plan to rid the world of Al-Qaeda using nothing but heroin addicts and a little ingenuity. The really tricky part is, he’ll keep you laughing the whole way through. If you haven’t yet begun to suspect that the most absurd things in life may be the closest to the truth, Maron will make a staunch believer out of you. At the very least, you’re liable to find you’ve developed an uncontrollable urge to clap your hands and shout, “Again! Again!” when this CD finally winds down.

Track Listing

  1. Introducing My Cold Sore/Sobriety, Disappointment and Suicide/The Bishop Kid and John Walker
  2. Demons
  3. OCD and a Bag of Fuck
  4. High Brow Pervert
  5. New York
  6. Heartlanders at the Marriott/The God Conspiracy/Fight or Flight
  7. Conspirational Thinker/Decay Management
  8. Clinton/Bush/Why Do They Hate Us?/Florida/Al-Qaeda Fighters at the Bed & Breakfast/Heroin Task Force/Marine in the Basement
  9. Women and Terrorism/Marriage
  10. God and Medication
  11. My Notebook
  12. Cell Phone/Shit Troughs/Scooters/Goodnight

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