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Gallery of Dan

Zander Cannon, pencil and ink, digital color, June 2011 Chris Strouth, digital image, 2012, digital  Zhu Yao-Hui, oil, 2006,
Ward Sutton, digital illustration, May, 2008, City Pages cover

Chris Strouth, digital image, May 2009, vinyl sticker

Chris Strouth and Jared Conor, digital image, April 2010, vinyl sticker
 Bill Plympton, pen, July 22, 2011, Chris Strouth, digital illustration, August, 2011, used for temporary tattoos Matt Hennen, digital illustration, June 2012


Tom Huck, pen and ink, July 2012 

Chris Strouth, digital image, January 2013, vinyl sticker Aggie Kenny, pen and watercolor, April, 2013
Matthew Eng, sharpie, August, 2013 Jeff Gaither, digital image, April 2014, will hopefully become a water soak decal Aggie Kenny, pen and watercolor, April, 2015 Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Comment
Elizabeth Williams, pen and watercolor, April, 2015