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Kristine Levine - Hey, Sailor! (CD + cap)


Special limited-edition combo!

Get the CD with a very limited edition "Hey, Sailor!" embroidered sailor cap, with 6-color embroidery. Caps will be folded flat for mailing and are not returnable. 


  • Size: L (equiv of 7 3/8" - 7.5", head size 23" - 23 1/2" (59-60cm))
  • Size: M (equiv of 7 1/8"  - 7.25", head size 22 1/4"- 22 5/8" (57-58cm))

Kristine Levine is so “Portland,” she’s on television, but doesn’t own one. She dated a banker, but broke up with him because he wouldn’t take time off to go huckleberry picking. She even hung in there for a half-hour barefoot manifesto from a never-shoed. Honestly, it’s no wonder she migrated back to PDX to record her very first stand-up record, “Hey, Sailor!”

Whether you know her from “Portlandia,” Doug Stanhope’s “Unbookables,” or the incredible, unenviable Guinness Book feat of performing stand-up in all 50 U.S. states in 50 days, Levine’s filthy mouth and buoyant attitude are equally, endearingly shocking. With a resume boasting “mother, comedian, porn shop clerk, and metal worker” and set to a soundtrack of flossed-out underground rap (with some Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Paycheck, and Gordon Lightfoot tossed in for variety), Levine is the proudly bitchy and unmistakably hilarious best friend, favorite aunt, and indoor land mammal you didn’t even know you needed.

Track Listing

  1. Never Get Recognized in Portland
  2. Welfare Office Famous
  3. Plaid Pantry Rapport Jobs
  4. Firing The Boss
  5. Death Garbage Highway Cleanup
  6. I'll Tell You Why I'm Terrible
  7. Fat Kids
  8. Intervention (is a) Joke
  9. Shipwreck Pussy
  10. Bath Baby
  11. What's This Job About?

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