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Corey Adam Deluxe Combo Pack (3 CDs & pin)


Special combination for Corey Adam fans:

No Joke CD

An entire record devoted to audience interactions, snippets recorded over the years with ad-libs, asides, invitations to moustache wrestle, “Dirty Dancing” and Monkees references, and one-liners that make it feel like less like stand up and more like a diss-rap battle, “No Joke” showcases a comic on his toes; it’s a master-lesson in stage presence, now available from the comfort of your own home.

Jokes CD

Now, graduating to “Jokes,” Corey Adam is ready to reveal the polished bits: tattoo related masturbatory chagrin, posthumous exploitation, getting booed in the ER, the intricacies of ending an open relationship, and personal growth via late-night television workout craze. The celebrated host of the “Dirty Bomb Shop” podcast has a pocket full of taquitos, and his homeboys do, too.

No Joke 2 CD

Crowd work. Drunk management. Vamping. Heckler shutdowns. Bachelorette banter. Clapbacks. The rebuttal portion. Whatever you call it, when the crowd brings the noise, Corey Adam brings the ruckus. Corey Adam’s fans know he can handle himself on stage, and now superfans can revel in the outtakes with No Joke 2 (no boogaloo). Each track, carefully plucked from a different live show around this great land, finds the unofficial mayor of Minneapolis comedy thinking on his feet and giving as good as he gets—nay, better. Next-level better. 

Jokes enamel pin

Designed by Doug Kallberg
1.75" wide
Five-Color soft enamel pin
Double clutch back 

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