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Adam Quesnell Deluxe Combo Pack (CD/DVD, toy, 7-inch 45 & pin)


Super Special combination for Adam Quesnell fans:

Despair pink variant toy w/download

  • Designed by Terence Brown II
  • Sculpted by October Toys
  • Cast by Tru:Tek of the Disarticulators
  • Header Art Layout and Colors by Josh Trumbo with art by Terence Brown II
  • 3" of UV Resistant Hand Cast Rubber (think Monster In My Pocket-Levels of squish)

Despair serves both as Adam Quesnell’s first toy-release with Stand Up! Records and the special edition of his album, "Can We Afford This Much Despair" which hit #13 on the iTunes comedy charts. So you get a download code for the album inside the header.

Despair II: Social Justice Warlord CD/DVD

Now, the world is haphazardly led by a truly gross, fear-mongering white idiot with autocrat ADD, McDonald’s biscuits are capriciously and arbitrarily withheld after dusk, and we’re surrounded by an ever-expanding riot of hastily painted wizards, extra-chill ghost babies, winking scientists, deck monsters, and tired ladies with overly strong condiment preferences. Amid these proliferating threats to the altruistic bonds of humanity, we need the newly shorn Social Justice Warlord, commanding us to laugh through the despair, skillfully checking our privilege, and carefully recalibrating all our worst instincts. 

Egghead 7-inch 45rpm single on random colored vinyl

“Drive-by eggings, plaguing L.A.” – not since the Beastie Boys has anyone lobbed this kind of ride-or-die love for the yolk. Eaten snake-style or straight out the 36-count box, April or October, East Coast or West Coast, Adam Quesnell is the O.G. Cadbury “Egghead.” That’s right, Quesnell’s a soldier in the ongoing Easter candy turf wars, and when he’s slanging that sweet, sweet crème egg goo, Peeps best take cover.

Despair enamel pin

Designed by Josh Trumbo
1.6 inches tall
Five-Color die-struck soft enamel pin
Double clutch back

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