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Doug Mellard: Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder (download)

Doug Mellard: Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder (download)

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Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder—it’s all the juvenile jokes you need from a man willing to draw a dick on his own forehead, tempered by the sort of advice only a seasoned, high-altitude-only physician with a decades-long devotion to Con Air can give. Knife-guns and open-bar open-mics, misspelled tattoos and atheist terror-inducements, biological broodings and the Book of Becky, Doug Mellard proves his prowess from the opening scream to the closing parental-porno vignette. This one’s dedicated to all the women out there power-farting their way to the top!

Track Listing

  1. Screaming
  2. Flights
  3. Dogs
  4. Weddings
  5. Funerals
  6. Animals
  7. Little Miss Muffet
  8. Some Dick Jokes
  9. Some Poop Jokes
  10. My Dumb Tattoo
  11. Butterfly Tattoos
  12. I Know You Farted
  13. The Tickle Riddle
  14. My Parents Having Sex

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