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Doug Mellard - Fart Safari 3: Fart Hard with a Vengeance (video)

Doug Mellard - Fart Safari 3: Fart Hard with a Vengeance (video)



Ooh, you silly gooses, do we have a pandemic treat for you! You’ve joined Doug Mellard for a Fart Safari. You’ve taken up his call to Fart Harder! And now, now it’s time to bring Samuel L. Jackson into this business, because we’re ready to Fart Hard with a Vengeance (disclaimer: Samuel L. Jackson was in no way connected to this album, unless you know more than we do and dammit, we hope you’d tell us).

Two-time Last Comic Standing alum and funniest person in Austin Doug Mellard is back in the saddle again, and we assure you, that saddle is stinky. He’s talking gynecological emergencies, rousing games of air marshal chicken, and the deep bodily yearning to be spooned-up with Gary when it’s time for the tandem skydiving. He’s sorting “hottest Darryls,” rescuing birds, chomping banana bread at bachelor parties, cultivating a cornucopia of the world’s greatest audience laughers, and utterly befuddling the neighbors with what he claims are “the wife’s beans.” Toss on your clown costume and hunker down at the homestead, we’re staying in to listen to “Fart Safari 3: Fart Hard with a Vengeance.” With any luck, we’ll be living free and farting hard sometime next year.

Doug Mellard: Fart Safari 3: Fart Hard With A Vengeance from Stand Up! Records on Vimeo.

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