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Dave Waite Combo Pack (2 CDs & pin)


Special combination for Dave Waite fans:

Kaboom CD

“Alpacas and Oates.” “Dicks in the Dirt.” “White Devil.” “Pants Party.” “Wormhole and Delta Airlines.” “Sawdust and Janitor Soul.” No matter what you Google to get there, so long as you find Dave Waite, we’re pretty sure you’re in the right place. It’s almost hard to know where to start with extolling the virtues of Waite’s new Stand Up! Records disc, “Kaboom.”

Hotdoggin' CD

Dave Waite’s back, and he’s feeling fast and loose. That’s right, he’s “Hotdoggin’” it, telling jokes like a man who got paid before the show—because it turns out, you can do and say a lot more when the paycheck has already been cashed. The comedy vet returns with a record we considered calling “Graveyard Full of Boners” or “Social Change Starts with Dry Hands,” because he’s made comedy a full-time career.

Kaboom enamel pin

Designed by Reid Faylor
1.25 inches tall
Seven-color die-struck soft enamel pin 
Single clutch back

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