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Tim Slagle

Political Satirist Tim Slagle is a twenty-five year veteran of the comedy club circuit, and he has performed in 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. His edgy style has made him a cult hero, and a favorite of his peers. He wages a war against political correctness, and fights for truth and justice in a time when speaking your mind is a crime more heinous than treason.

I got into this business twenty-five years ago after flunking out of college and finding myself unable to hold down a day job. During one of my last meetings with one of my last bosses he said, “Mr. Slagle what do you want out of a job?” I thought about that question like I’d just heard it for the very first time. What do I want? Well, I’d like to sleep until noon every day. Work less than an hour. Say whatever the hell I want. Hang out in bars, and get free beer! Lo and behold twenty-five later that’s exactly what I’m doing!Tim’s most memorable bit is his Halloween/Tax bit, where he suggests teaching children about taxes on Halloween, because…they just put in eight full hours of power Trick or Treating, and they’ve got a nice big bag of what should be, take-home candy!

He is a contributing editor to Liberty Magazine, and has had articles published by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

He performs at prestigious political functions and for major think-thanks nationwide. He was also featured in the independant documentary “Michael Moore Hates America” in 2004.

In 2000, Tim produced and starred in a television pilot, with three other political comics. Alongside Tim was Jeffrey Jena, and they debated against Will Durst and Lewis Black The show, entitled, the Mudslingers Ball, ran on the local ABC affiliate for two weeks in Minneapolis. It came in number two for the time slot, just behind SNL.

His career as an edgy political comic first brought him to National Television audiences on MTV and Showtime in the early nineties. Fourth of July Weekend 1998, he appeared on C-SPAN at the Libertarian National Convention in Washington DC.

His Way Off-Broadway show, the Slagle/Naughton Report ran in Chicago concurrently with the ’96 Democratic National Convention.Tim has just turned forty eight and is finally settling into middle age. I spent my twenties acting like a teenager, my thirties acting twenty, I will accept forty with grace. Ready for black socks and sandals and declaring any new music outright noise, Tim will be debuting his new look at a club near you…