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The Sklar Brothers - Poppin' The Hood (download)

The Sklar Brothers - Poppin' The Hood (download)


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This CD is the culmination of 10 years of live comedy performed by the Sklars. Recorded in Minneapolis at the Acme Comedy Club in 2003, it blends the brother's rapid-fire delivery that Neil Strauss of the NY Times described as "similar to the raps of the Beastie Boys."The CD chronicles the boy's lives growing up as children of the Midwest in the 1980's. The brothers have a unique way of ganging up on an issue, and the straight man of the act...well, there is no straight man - It's more of an echo. This CD offers much of the material seen on TV as well as many never-heard-before bits. There aren't many teams still around in the comedy world, and certainly not many twin comedy teams, and almost no other identical twin comedy teams still doing it out there today, but the Sklar Brothers have the unique distinction of certainly being the only identical twin jewish comedy team performing today! Identical twins Randy & Jason Sklar had a typical midwestern suburban upbringing in St. Louis, playing soccer and baseball after school, hanging out with friends who owned two toned jean jackets and light blue I-Rocs with T-tops and CB's then they found comedy. The two began performing in High School and continued through college at The University of Michigan. Upon graduation, they both applied and were accepted to law school, but deferred enrollment so they could move to NYC and pursue comedy. Since then they've developed their own distinctive two man comedy style and flourished professionally, first breaking onto+¥the national scene starring in their own sitcom/hybrid show on MTV called Apartment 2F. Later they co-hosted Comedy Central's hit robot fighting show, Battlebots, for three seasons. They have been voices of conjoined twins Biff & Chip on the WB animated series The Oblongs, were the hosts of Dot Comedy on ABC, and have also guest starred on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. and Entourage (as primary Characters on the episode Gary's Desk), and starred in Fox's The Comebacks, F/X's Itfs Always Sunny In Philadelphia (on the episode "The Gang Dances Their Asses Off"), and ESPN Classic's Cheap Seats.

Track Listing

  1. Magic
  2. Local Commercial
  3. Network Logos
  4. Where Are They Now
  5. Morning Zoo
  6. KSHE95
  7. Hector
  8. Girls Gone Wild
  9. Bowflex
  10. Feldenkrais
  11. Walk With Israel
  12. Dad
  13. Guiltor
  14. Strip Club DJ
  15. Power 106
  16. Local News Car Chase
  17. Chopper 4

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