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The Sklar Brothers

Randy & Jason Sklar had a typical midwestern suburban upbringing in St. Louis, playing soccer and baseball after school, hanging out with friends who owned two toned jean jackets and light blue I-Rocs with T-tops and CB’s then they found comedy. The two began performing in High School and continued through college at The University of Michigan. Upon graduation, the two applied and were accepted to law school, but deferred their enrollment so they could move to New York and pursue comedy.

Since then, the Sklars have developed their own distinctive two man comedy style and flourished professionally. They first broke on to the national scene starring in their own sitcom/hybrid show on MTV called Apartment 2F. Later they co-hosted Comedy Central’s hit robot fighting show, Battlebots, for three seasons.  They have been voices of conjoined twins Biff & Chip on the WB animated series The Oblongs, were the hosts of Dot Comedy on ABC. They have also been seen on TV in Curb Your Enthusiasm, their own 1/2 hour stand up special: Comedy Central Presents, Premium Blend, Comedy Showcase with Louie Anderson, Providence, It’s Like You Know and Becker, Action, VH-1′s: 100 top Icons, 100 Hottest Hotties, Top 25 Rock Star Television Cameos, and top 50 Commercials, programs, as well as being guests on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn Last Call with Carson Daly, and NBC’s Late Friday.

In addition, the Sklars have appeared in feature films including the recent comedy My Baby’s Daddy (opposite Eddie Griffin, Anthony Anderson, and Michael Imperioli), The Prime Gig (opposite Vince Vaughn and Ed Harris), and The Bubble Boy (opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and Swoosie Kurtz).

The Sklars continue to perform stand-up in LA where they live as well as in clubs all over the country.