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The Sklar Brothers - Poppin' The Hood (CD)

The Sklar Brothers - Poppin' The Hood (CD)

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This CD is the culmination of 10 years of live comedy performed by identical twin comedy team, Randy and Jason Sklar. Recorded in Minneapolis at the Acme Comedy Club in 2003, the CD blends the brother's rapid-fire delivery that the Neil Strauss of the NY Times once referred to as "similar to the raps of the Beastie Boys." The CD chronicles the boy’s lives growing up as children of the Midwest in the 1980's. The brothers have a unique way of ganging up on an issue, and the straight man of the act, well, there is no straight man, it's more of an echo. This CD offers you much of the material as seen on TV and many bits that have never been heard before. There aren't many teams still around in the comedy world, and certainly not many twin comedy teams, and definitely not many identical twin comedy teams still doing it out there today. And in addition, they are the only Jews in comedy.

Track Listing

  1. Magic
  2. Local Commercial
  3. Network Logos
  4. Where Are They Now
  5. Morning Zoo
  6. KSHE95
  7. Hector
  8. Girls Gone Wild
  9. Bowflex
  10. Feldenkrais
  11. Walk With Israel
  12. Dad
  13. Guiltor
  14. Strip Club DJ
  15. Power 106
  16. Local News Car Chase
  17. Chopper 4

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