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Jamie Kilstein - Zombie Jesus (CD)

Jamie Kilstein - Zombie Jesus (CD)

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Zombie-mania! In the midst of a virtual zombie pop-culture resurgence (not surprising with zombies, now is it?), Jamie Kilstein's long-awaited ''Zombie Jesus'' has hit the streets. And Kilstein's definitely trying to steal your brain.

Stand Up! Records is pleased to present the first full-length record from this self-described ''atheist liberal stoned comic.'' Launching right in, Kilstein opens with the most offensive joke he can think of and quickly has his audience begging for more. His incredible appeal may come from his material, which, in the time of so much ''blue collar comedy'' is mighty refreshing for blue-staters. Or it may come from his virtuoso delivery, wherein he applies the rapid-fire wordsmithing he honed as a champion slam-poet to the absurdities all around. Either way, his enthusiasm and charm shine, making Kilstein's disc feel as much like a live performance as any comic or, perhaps, reanimated comic corpse has ever managed.

Despite the title, nothing about ''Zombie Jesus'' feels like it's been dragged from a mouldering grave instead, Kilstein comes off as a fresh new standard-bearer for the cutting-edge comedy cadre that Stand Up! Records has so proudly assembled. Now our biggest problem may just be narrowing down the very best keywords to draw in online shoppers. Right now, we're leaning toward ''hot-ass, coulda-been-a-model Jesus,'' ''lady membership card,'' ''universal healthcare,'' ''bake sale,'' ''regular to-do'ins,'' ''Americatown,'' ''seal blood,'' ''barracuda,'' ''nobody goes to Missouri,'' and, of course, ''hockey fetus.''

Track Listing

  1. Trying to be Edgy
  2. Angry Old Dude at the Show
  3. Gay Rights
  4. God Hates Fags
  5. Republican Comedians
  6. Drugs
  7. Confronted by the Army
  8. John McCain
  9. Political Comedians
  10. Gun Lobby
  11. White People are Awful
  12. Sarah Palin is Awful
  13. Mormons
  14. Soulmates
  15. Zombie Jesus
  16. Heaven
  17. Islam
  18. Hack Comedy

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