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Jamie Kilstein - What Alive People Do (CD)

Jamie Kilstein - What Alive People Do (CD)

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Jamie Kilstein hoped he’d grow up to be Bill Hicks. Instead, a Canadian border guard taught him that comedy’s a scam, it took one kid cock-punching another to get him off a high-dive, and he’s issued what is, debatably, a death threat against a troupe of hack musicians. His grandfather didn’t like him (but still called to sing him ever-more off-key versions of “Happy Birthday”), he’s penned his very own Modest Proposal, and he’s positive vegan hippies aren’t helping the cause. So here’s what he’s become instead: Kilstein’s been uninvited, cancelled, and kicked off most things, hosts an Internet podcast, and has a shaky relationship with his father that’s not making those Canadian tours any easier. But he’s not a quitter. Send Glenn Beck at him. Send rapey dude-bros at him. Send sanitation lotharios at him. Send the high dive at him. Jamie Kilstein’s his own man. The master of long segues, willing to take the flack for being anti-rape-culture in the midst of a rape-culture, Kilstein knows that the excitement of your own enlightenment can go right into jackass territory faster than you can accidentally give a black power fist to a bellhop. So when he wanted to quit comedy, he had to change it instead. As he puts it, if you have a passion and it doesn’t fit in some narrow lines, you make a new path. There’s an audience for it somewhere, and that somewhere is Stand Up! Records. He may not be Bill Hicks, but Jamie Kilstein’s a hybrid “bell hooks/Bill Hicks” for a disenchanted generation that needs this voice. We’re proud to release “What Alive People Do,” two discs of raw honesty, political rants, and one fat cat story.

Track Listing

  1. Opener of a Failed Comedian
  2. My Sweet Nerdy Audience
  3. Glenn Beck Called Me out When He Mattered
  4. Dude Bros Get Super Mad When You Say Rape Is Bad
  5. Cum Baby Vagina Monster
  6. Sober Vegan Party Time
  7. Liberal Racists
  8. New Yorkers Aren't Assholes, Followed by Me Saying Horrible Asshole Things
  9. I Get Death Threats and End up at a Cowboy Convention
  10. White People Are Going to Be Fine
  11. Atheist
  12. Two Sad Stories
  13. Handjobs, Hotdogs and Abortions
  14. Slutty Homophobes
  15. Get off My Lawn Porn
  16. Quitting Comedy Clubs
  17. Citizen Radio
  18. Fat-Shaming Cats
  19. Possible Death Threat to the Worst Band in the World

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