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Jamie Kilstein

Jamie tours the globe tirelessly, and has made appearances all over the United States, Canada, China, the Netherlands and the UK. Most recently, he was featured twice on Comedy Central and the BBC’S The World Stands up. He played the most talked about show at the 2007 Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival featuring, Eddie Izzard, Billy Connolly, Louis CK, Lewis Black and The Kids in the Hall, and was then featured at the festivals Best Of The Fest show. He has also been seen on The Paramount Comedy Channel in the UK The Comedy Channel in Australia and Showtime Comedy in the Middle East. He was featured on Think MTV and in recently was invited to the most sought after show at The Montreal Comedy Festival, the 2008 New Faces.

After returning from touring Asia with Aristocrats producer Paul Provenza, Jamie decided to sell his car and fly to the largest arts festival in the world in Edinburgh, Scotland. After his first show he received a standing ovation and was signed to do a theater shows by renowned producer Mick Perrin from Just for Laughs, and manager of Eddie Izzard. It was the fastest that anyone has received a deal in the history of the world. Probably.

Quickly after he performed for 55,000 people at the Lowlands Festival in Holland alongside bands and artists such as: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, The Shins, The Arcade Fire, and Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave).

With fans from New York Times best-selling authors to Grammy award-winning producer Brian Eno, and music sensation Regina Spektor Jamie plays an important role during a comedic renaissance.

Jamie has preformed at venues ranging from 2000-plus seat theaters such as The Paramount Theater and The Oakland Metro Opera House, to world-famous comedy clubs and shows such as Invite Them Up, Comic Strip Live, Stand Up New York, The Comedy Store, and The UCB.

He has also performed at ivy league schools such as Brown and Princeton University and also for College Humor. Jamie’s work can be read on and Mcsweeneys.