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Various Artists - The Texas Mess (download)

Various Artists - The Texas Mess (download)


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In Texas, a mess is both something in need of cleanup and a unit of measurement (as in a “mess of Texan comedians). On this mixtape of SXSW ridiculosity, the Texas Mess is, well, both. John Tole, by the by, hosts the whole mess, caught for posterity on fine, limited edition cassette tapes (hopefully the first of many to come), with Texas comics Dominic Harris, Bob Khosravi, Michael Priest, Ryan Cownie, Joe Hafkey, Carey Denise, Jay Whitecotton, Blake Midgette, Lucas Molandes, Jake Flores, Chelsea Hood, Cody Hustak, and Clint Werth. For those of you playing the home game on your ghetto blaster–or borrowing your parents’ car for access to a tape player–here’s a little post-set review test: Which comic can’t afford integrity? What’s Joe Hafkey’s greatest fear? Who is his own hype man, someone else’s nanny, and everyone’s cautionary tale? What’s the key to Austin’s “weirdness”? Which comedian is a sometime Applebee’s model and prospective war crimes defendant? Why does Michael Priest feel most at home at the Apollo? What other comedian on this tape would never make it there? And what childhood punishment might have been better than a hug and a Vicodin?

You, too, can win at comedy! Order “The Texas Mess” today.

Track Listing

  1. Dominic Harris
  2. Bob Khosravi
  3. Michael Priest
  4. Ryan Cownie
  5. Joe Hafkey
  6. Carey Denise
  7. Jay Whitecotton
  8. Blake Midgette
  9. Lucas Molandes
  10. Jake Flores
  11. Chelsea Hood
  12. Cody Hustak
  13. Clint Werth

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