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Tim Slagle - Evolution: The Best of Slagle vol. 1 (download)

Tim Slagle - Evolution: The Best of Slagle vol. 1 (download)


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Political satirist and pundit Tim Slagle likes to point out that he “wages a war against political correctness,” fighting “for truth and justice in a time when speaking your mind is a crime more heinous than treason.” A college dropout unable to hold a “normal” job, Slagle has now spent a quarter of a century on the road performing at prestigious political functions, visiting think-tanks, taking the stage at comedy clubs and festivals, and even serving as a contributing editor for Liberty Magazine. This is to say, in 25 years, Tim Slagle’s had a lot to say, and we’re honored to bring you the first edition of his “best of.”

Considered a darling to both the Republican and Libertarian parties, Slagle deftly proves that cutting-edge comedy isn’t the property of the right or the left—a straight-shooter can do the job and do it to perfection. In this first edition of Slagle’s victory lap, comedy-lovers can expect to learn how you can tell the government is anti-fun, why smokers don’t actually cost society anything, how we magically turn holy days into stereotype festivals, whether terror is worse than turbulence, and why covered wagons and electric cars have an awful lot in common. Just don’t sue him—or anyone else—for your own stupidity. That really chaps his hide.

Track Listing:

  1. FAA
  2. Global Warming
  3. Electric Avenue
  4. St. Paddy
  5. Taco Bell
  6. Camelot
  7. St. Darwin
  8. Highway Thespians
  9. Fireworks
  10. Personal Business
  11. Baked Olympics
  12. Nice Smokers
  13. Free Ride
  14. 14 Gasbags

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