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Tim Slagle - Europa (download)

Tim Slagle - Europa (download)


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Uncle Tim is at it again. Well, he’s not really your uncle, and that’s one of the reasons Thanksgiving always sucks. If you’re ever lucky enough to have this guy over for dinner, just make sure meat is on the table and the overly sensitive are not on the guest list. “Europa” is Slagle’s first CD release, and follows up a nearly two decade career of barnstorming across our great nation. He even managed to get long-time Mad Magazine illustrator Jack Davis to render the beauty of Europe as the cover art. As a veteran of the comedy club circuit, Tim Slagle has been called many things: political satirist, pothead, fascist, carnivore and probably more than a few times an annoying drunk, although we can’t verify that. One word that cannot define him is illogical. His insight on drugs, science, vegetarians, cartoons and hunger not only provide an hour of laughter, but also make you wonder why the hell people like him aren’t running our country. Slagle in ’08? Sounds nice, but there’s probably a limit on how many drinks the President can legally consume. So gather up your friends, pack up the bong, and make sure there are fresh steaks on the grill. Uncle Tim is coming to dinner.

Track Listing

  1. Drinking
  2. America
  3. Vegetables
  4. More Vegetables
  5. The C Word
  6. Cartoons
  7. Smoke and Fire
  8. Kissing the Bong
  9. Legalize It!
  10. The Gateway
  11. Junk Science
  12. More Junk Science
  13. Affirmative Ugly
  14. Exotic Dinners
  15. Europa
  16. HalloweenX

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