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Robert Baril - Sex & Politics (CD & DVD)

Robert Baril - Sex & Politics (CD & DVD)


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Robert Baril has recently discovered that he dates like a cop: Shoots first, asks questions later. Stereotypes and profiles for efficiency. If he screws up, he takes a couple weeks off to “self-investigate.” And once he’s cleared, he gets back out on those streets. See? Sex and politics make great topics for polite conversation, and “Sex and Politics” makes a great soundtrack for terrified post-millennial malaise (soon to be the hottest Trumpcare diagnostic code). Whether he’s puzzling over “angry sky grandpa” or worrying about angry White House grandpa, Baril has a wry thought to spare across the spectrum. Abortion, terrorism, online education, healthcare, drones strikes, and predatory overpolicing sidle up to Mall of America gay panics, day-drinking and demands for cash at crucifixion reenactments, environmentally responsible sex toys, the NRA, and tips for substitute teaching on Baril’s first, but certainly not last, Stand Up! Records release.

Track Listing

  1. Diet The Shot
  2. South Dakota
  3. Growing Up
  4. Fear of Commitment
  5. Bride's Man
  6. Smitten Kitten
  7. Crucifixion
  8. Sexual Milestone
  9. Processing 2016
  10. Terrorism
  11. Abortion / Global Warming
  12. Family / Friends
  13. Ex Girlfriend
  14. Grandma
  15. Subbing
  16. Cialis

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