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The Firesign Theatre - Dope Humor of the Seventies (2xVinyl)

The Firesign Theatre - Dope Humor of the Seventies (2xVinyl)


What’s all this brouhaha? Why, it’s the Firesign Theatre, memorably dubbed the “Beatles of Comedy” by those eminent wonks at the Library of Congress, with their first vinyl release in nearly 40 years, “Dope Humor of the Seventies.” The double-disc release contains 82 minutes of cannabis-infused comedy from the true psychedelic channel-switching radio pioneers—Philip Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Philip Proctor—and the expanded digital download brings the full freeform, surrealist seventies time capsule to a whopping 144 minutes (plus a 56-page PDF booklet featuring the original scripts festooned with broadcasting notes).

In a political and social moment rooted in the antisocial, oligarchic tendencies of the Nixon era, what better way to find the humor than by heading forward into the past with the frolicsome, feral four-piece that reshaped American comedy on L.A.’s airwaves, one subversive bit at a time? We here at Stand Up! Records couldn’t possibly be prouder than to partner up with the irrepressible, irreplaceable Firesign Theatre.  

This 2-record set includes a download card with a link to the expanded digital download -- all tracks listed here plus 62 additional minutes and a 56-page digital PDF booklet. 

Track Listing

Side A
  1. Shakespeare Sunday Sunday
  2. Pig Science
  3. Truth & Consequences
  4. Clayton Rumcake
  5. Mary Warner
  6. Hawaii
  7. Jesus' Ascension into Bakersfield
  8. Timmy's Birthday
Side B
  1. Sex Jail
  2. Rules
  3. Drug Abuse Expert
  4. Pluto Water
  5. Bluff
  6. Smoke Spud
  7. Vince Tomaine's Leg-o-the-Crow
  8. Bob Dog Dog & Dog Hot Dog Son & Foot Tires
  9. Fiji
Side C
  1. Speed Kills
  2. Funny Name Club of America
  3. Family Bund Meeting
  4. The Diaphragm
  5. A Girl Named Bradley
  6. The Money Song
  7. Multiple Identity
  8. Radio Prison in Peace & War
Side D
  1. Louis Marshman Editorial
  2. Darkening of the Light
  3. Railroad Sunrise
  4. Trashman Rap
  5. Channel 18 News
  6. Dope Humor of the Seventies
  7. K's Mart
  8. Bird of Prey Motors
  9. Loons

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