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Fancy Ray McCloney - The Best Lookin' Man In Comedy (milk chocolate vinyl)

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Limited edition on milk chocolate vinyl. 

Fancy Ray McCloney is the bard of the North Star State, the only man who can make a Minneapolis crowd sound like a night at the Apollo, the high-camp star who rewrote the alphabet and lost the governorship to Jesse Ventura—proving to all that, if you’re not backing Fancy Ray, you’re settling for second-best. With an unmistakable voice and unshakeable confidence, this thirty-year comedy veteran’s favorite topic is the legend of Fancy Ray (as it should be). He can handle a crowd, he can palm you a callback, he can steal your girl then get your number on the way out. Fancy Ray has all the gender-bending radiance of Little Richard, the beauty and bite of Muhammad Ali, the magnetic sexuality of Prince, the peerless self-esteem of Lizzo, the crowd-control of James Brown, the swagger of Morris Day, the wit of Richard Pryor, the cadence of a young Chris Rock, and the amped-up energy of a pitchman whose favorite product is always himself. The best-looking man in comedy’s first stand up record? All we can say is my, my, my.


  1. Fancy Ray
  2. MN Governor's Race
  3. I'm So Pretty
  4. Marriage
  5. TV Commercials
  6. Androgyny
  7. The Legend of Fancy Ray
  8. MN Winters
  9. Childhood... Alphabet
  10. Nursery Rhymes (for the Kids)
  11. Light Bulb
  12. Blind Pimp
  13. Penske Rent A Truck Story
  14. Golden Rule
  15. I Don't Give a F*ck
  16. Clearing Up the Rumors

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