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Jimmy Shubert - Zero Tolerance (video)

Jimmy Shubert - Zero Tolerance (video)



Jimmy Shubert is a modern classic: a bold, brash, sly man in a well-cut, pick-stitched suit giving voice to all those moments when the better angels of our nature fail us. When our tolerance and progressivism run up against the very sight of stand-up paddle-board yoga and we finally, in a gasp of futile incredulity, let loose our inner curmudgeons. “From the Greatest Generation to therapy cats and ball deodorant,” Shubert muses wild-eyed, crackling and uncontained. He peppers his tirades with everything from Proust deep-cuts to vagina monologues, stalks and gestures and shouts to the rafters, his physicality betraying the slick production and careful stage dressing and beautifully lit audience. Far from decrying modernity or belittling humanity, Shubert finds glee in our foibles and hope in the flecks of self-awareness still evident in our laughter. He knows it’s absurd. As long as the audience, too, can recognize, recoil from, and relish in the absurdity of modern life, there’s a chance for us humans yet. When it comes down to it, nonsense is really the only thing for which Jimmy Shubert has “Zero Tolerance.”


Track Listing

  1. He Has Smooth Elbows and He Likes to Sleep Diagonally
  2. Trapped in a Psych Ward at 30,000 Feet
  3. Therapy Caaaaaaats!
  4. That's an AB with a PB&J
  5. Ben Franklin, Your Customer Service Representative
  6. Self-Check Out?!
  7. Yogurt Immigration
  8. Would You Like a Bag?
  9. Wrong Profession
  10. We Should Go Hiking in a Canyon
  11. SUP?
  12. "Ball Deodorant?"
  13. Why Don't You Try Just Being a Nice Person?!?
  14. Thumb Dumped
  15. Smart Phones
  16. No One Needs Your Yelp!
  17. My Show is About Love

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