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Jimmy Shubert - Pandemonium (download)

Jimmy Shubert - Pandemonium (download)


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In this whole Red State-Blue State debacle, it seems lately that the liberal denizens of comedy have been crowding the stage, but Stand Up! Records is pleased to report that they’ve found themselves the voice of the masses in one Jimmy Shubert. A working man’s man with a conservative outlook and an utterly pragmatic sensibility, Shubert’s ready to take on all the ACLU wonks and Green Party members you can throw at him, because he’s determined to come out swinging — and win. Clearly drawing on a great tradition of snappy one-liners, Shubert weaves these hilarious outbursts into occasionally thoughtful, but always raucous stories, holding his own riffing on both politics and the battles of every day life. He easily combines what’s great about both the instant gratification of a punch line and the hilarity of trying to find a way to justify that punch line, and obviously has the audience in the palm of his hand while he does it. If you’ve ever wanted to hear someone take on David Cross’ or Lewis Black’s liberal rants, Jimmy Shubert might just be your best bet. Like a latter day Archie Bunker, Shubert comes out swinging on his latest CD, “Pandemonium.”

Track Listing

  1. Being a Comedian
  2. TSA-Holes
  3. Coffee Break
  4. Fresh Pepper
  5. (Chet) Atkins Diet
  6. Too Much Chicken
  7. Anybody Got A Hanger?
  8. You’re Fired!
  9. New School Math
  10. Priority Mail
  11. Forensic Evidence
  12. I Now Pronounce You Man & Man
  13. Scantily Clad
  14. Armchair Activist
  15. War!! .... What Is It Good For?
  16. Oh, GOD!
  17. Fantasy Tri-Fecta

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