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Jimmy Shubert - Alive & Kickin' (download)

Jimmy Shubert - Alive & Kickin' (download)

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Track Listing

  1. It's Good to Be Here
  2. Getting Your Irish On
  3. Grandmom's Cakes
  4. TSA-Holes
  5. Coffee Break
  6. Two Out of Three
  7. Protein Scramble
  8. Fresh Pepper
  9. Larrrrrrry!! Larrrrrry!!
  10. Animal (Last) Rites
  11. Anybody Got a Hanger?
  12. Psychedelic Frogs
  13. Wild Discovery
  14. Weak Memory
  15. The Other Team's Playbook
  16. Forensic Evidence
  17. Priority Mail
  18. Rural Beastiality
  19. Conjoinal Nightmare
  20. Lock and Load

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