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Jim David - Gay Jokes for Straight Cruisers (download)

Jim David - Gay Jokes for Straight Cruisers (download)


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Somewhere, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, armed with only a microphone, is Jim David, the bravest man in the world. Is it because he was born in the mid-20th century U.S. South, a gay male descendant of not-too-distant KKK members and Confederate soldiers? Nay. Is it because, in the midst of a global pandemic, he took to the high seas, performing on a cruise ship while the then-occupant of the Oval Office, a man who has personally threatened our hero, assured the nation that a miracle would preclude any real trouble from the novel coronavirus tearing through their grandparents with astonishing rapidity? Nay! It is because, the captive comedian of a floating audience, Jim David has the chutzpah of a drag queen, the filter of a Brooklyn kombucha shop, and the reckless political incorrectness of a billionaire (or elder royal).

Galloping through a sea of uproarious, joyful laughter, David is absolutely unfettered, roasting all people, all identities, all accents, and all complaints, assured that in a globally bleak moment of existential dread, everyone is thrillingly ready to mock their own (and enduringly grateful that at least, behind the mic, there’s still a grownup in charge). “Gay Jokes for Straight Cruisers” is a true balm for what ails us, a year into The Great Quar: intimate, international, irrepressible comedy from a true professional.

Track Listing

  1. Comedy in a Pandemic
  2. Audience Beware!
  3. Old Married Couple
  4. Hello, Black People
  5. Walmart on the Water
  6. The Beach Was Too Sandy
  7. A Big %$#!@& Ship
  8. A Global Offensive
  9. The Worst President in History
  10. We Don't Want That In 'Murica
  11. Raising a Redneck
  12. There's Gon' Be A Civil War


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