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Jim David - Hard To Swallow (download)

Jim David - Hard To Swallow (download)

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Jim David’s long been loved for his refusal to be hemmed into a red state/blue state box (or any box, for that matter—a good look at the ping-pong ball show in Bangkok settled any remaining doubts about his preferred proximity to the lady business). So long as your state isn’t Florida or Texas and doesn’t collar him for safe driving in a parking lot, whether you live in America or ‘Murica, you’re his core audience.  In his latest and greatest, “Hard to Swallow,” David joyfully takes his crowd along on a tour of modern life, from our fear of aging to our false equation of accents with intelligence to the correspondence that confounds, as demonstrated through dramatic readings from hate mail, Christmas letters, and, well, we’ll call them “unclassified but unhinged” notes from strangers.  Taking his victory lap with an autobiography of escalating alcoholism as traced across presidential administrations, Jim David’s at his most masterful. It may be “Hard to Swallow,” but it’s also an absolute joy.  

Track Listing

  1. 'Murica the Beautiful
  2. Where Did We Go Wrong?
  3. Jim David
  4. Merry Christmas to One and All
  5. Did You Have a Movement?
  6. Sticky Vicky
  7. Pillaged, Plundered and Circumcised
  8. Get Off Your Phone
  9. Good News from Hotel Administrator
  10. Driving in Florida
  11. You Can't Make It Up
  12. Once Upon a Time There Was a President

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