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Glenn Wool - Let Your Hands Go (download)

Glenn Wool - Let Your Hands Go (download)

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2010 CD/DVD release from the Canadian comedian. Glenn Wool avoids swearing. But he's no soft-bellied sap. It's simply that he doesn't find swearing shocking or offensive enough for his first CD, Let Your Hands Go. In fact, with talent like Wool's, it only takes one tightly-woven stand-up record to insult every major religion (plus a few minor ones and Alcoholics Anonymous for good measure); make a meta-joke about God being mentally handicapped (and then explain, in legal terms, why the audience actually isn't allowed to be put off by that joke); and share a good half dozen sepia-toned anecdotes about illicit drug use. While he's on a roll, he goes on to encourage the interrogation and torture of Dick Cheney (''He says it works!''); use the phrases ''antelope in a top hat'' and ''the conductor position;'' hypothetically whore out the population of Iceland; and deftly explain why it is that a gangsta rapper will never be scarier than a guy in head-to-toe Brooks Brothers.

Track Listing

  1. New Swears
  2. Kurt Warner, Thank God
  3. Winter Festival
  4. All Lee Major Religions
  5. The Different Levels of God
  6. Making Society Choose
  7. Jokes with Jews in Them
  8. A.A. Meating
  9. Drunk Glenn
  10. Sober Glenn
  11. My Friend Ed Wrote This Tag
  12. Cocaine Glenn
  13. Drug Alchemy
  14. Wasted Time Waster
  15. Iceland Iced
  16. I Lost My Phone
  17. The Environment
  18. Why You Shouldn't Do Topical Material on Albums
  19. Big Car People

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