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Glenn Wool - I'll Ask Her (download)

Glenn Wool - I'll Ask Her (download)


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Glenn Wool is haunted by the sex that got away… or did it? He’s a master of transitions: “Don’t worry, I’m right!” “Allow me to fire up the mind-blowing machine!” “You played a hell of a game, ma’am.” And he’s a bit of a “bird-lover,” if you catch our drift. Wool’s also an 18 year comedy veteran, a native Canadian and sometime Londoner who now operates as a “comedy satellite,” dropping from the skies to bring hilarity (and a particularly sound set of reasoning on why al Qaeda is never going after China) to places as far-flung as Anchorage, Alaska, site of his latest live CD, “I’ll Ask Her.” Given half a chance, Wool’s convinced he can fix all of the world’s major religions with just one simple rule—and a hilariously convoluted example of a messianic motorcycle trick that somehow brings to mind both Patton Oswalt and the late, great Mitch Hedberg all while envisioning the shenangians of our savior, Rick. And perhaps most impressive of all, Glenn Wool will win every round of “I’m not a racist, but…” you can bring at him. An impressive man, on-stage and off, Glenn Wool is a jewel in the crown of Stand Up! Records, and we couldn’t be prouder to share his voice with our comedy connoisseurs.

Track Listing

  1. Material From the First Album with New Tags
  2. Children and the Environment
  3. Dr. Hook's House of Solutions
  4. Two Vacuum Cleaners Falling Down the Stairs Together
  5. Make Believe Maple Leaf
  6. Big Rick
  7. Racist Butt
  8. Chinese Diplomacy
  9. Larry
  10. Vagina al Dente
  11. Future Warnings in Alaska

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