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Glenn Wool - Creator, I Am But a Pawn (download)

Glenn Wool - Creator, I Am But a Pawn (download)


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Like a five-piece Beatles cover band, Glenn Wool’s comic sensibility sees the little voice in his head backed up by a wide-ranging foursome we're fairly sure includes Patton, Posehn, Hedberg, and Hicks. And like drugs, this crew makes 70% of the parties it shows up to wayyyyy more fun. Whether he’s offending metalheads or proving medical professionals wrong, pedaling along the dusty roads of his soul or casually (and incorrectly) coming out to his family, Wool is the kind of consummate pro who can disarm an audience with an unfathomable Italian accent before launching into a nearly incontrovertible argument against white supremacy. Slavery, colonization, and atomic warfare—there’s not a lot to look up to when it comes to the paler side of history. (He’s not saying his fellow pasty-sorts are bad people, just hypocritical racists who happen to be the world’s preeminent arms dealers. They may not openly fart at Hiroshima, but they've done some bad things there.) Whatever else the little voice in your head goads you into this weekend, we’re confident you won’t regret downloading “Creator, I Am but a Pawn” (recorded live in Estonia, where roughly half the audience looked eerily like Glenn Wool).

Track Listing

  1. In the Name of the ISA
  2. I Didn't Come to See You
  3. Little Voice
  4. The Futility of Awards
  5. Hiroshima
  6. Reply All
  7. The Wizard of the Id
  8. To See Yourself the Way Others Do
  9. The Digital Soul and Your Greatest Fear
  10. Big Momma's Gumbo Shack
  11. I'm the Smartest One Here.mp3

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