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Dwight York - Belongs In A Bar (download)

Dwight York - Belongs In A Bar (download)


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Welcome to River Falls, WI, where the cans of Miller Lite and buckets of Bud are as frosty as the February night outside. Dwight York, a silver-tongued practitioner of the age-old art of the one-liner, is right at home, having set up his own punch line simply by walking into Johnnie’s Bar. Hand him a mic, and you’re in for 50 minutes of non-stop comedy. York sets ‘em up as fast as any joke-slinger in the land without ever losing his place or lingering too long on a laugh. As for topics, well, here’s a handy list of Google searches sure to up this stand-up special: dyslexic paranoia, lucky numbers, false-negative drug test, aging, cat-tripping, bungee jumping, creative child discipline, leg humping, hypocrisy, poison ivy, bondage, Shetland pony, coconuts, testicular cancer, Big Dick Larry, homelessness and TicketMaster, rectal magic, homebrew, pickup lines, wet naps, and “how many jackoff jokes can you fit into a an hour-long set?” Sure, as York himself puts it, they’re just jokes, but these jokes come with credit-ready validation from the legendary Collin Quinn and end with a surprise one-liner blues performance. You’ll be hooting, hollering, and pounding the table right along with the regulars when Dwight York “Belongs In A Bar.”

Track Listing

  1. My Lucky Number
  2. The Decoy
  3. Trolling PETA
  4. I Keep Forgettin'
  5. Dine and Dash
  6. Some People Never Change
  7. Behind the Dumpster
  8. My Banana
  9. Carpool Lane
  10. Mister Frog
  11. My Girlfriend
  12. Call Me a Creeper
  13. Mom's Bad Advice
  14. Try These at Home
  15. Role-Playing Games
  16. I Don't Even Have a Girlfriend

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