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Dwight York - Quickies (CD)

Dwight York - Quickies (CD)

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Like a slug of Jack Daniels after one too many Appletinis, Dwight York's Quickies is a palate-cleansing dose of pure, distilled comedy. York skips the meandering and navel-gazing that too often passes for stand-up, instead breathing fresh life into the good old-fashioned one-liner. As he puts it, I hope you like jokes, because here we go! Thanks to this stage veteran's well-honed act and aww-shucks delivery, York's generally adult material feels quick-witted rather than rapid-fire. He elegantly weaves classic call-backs throughout, tying each seemingly standalone gem into a coherent and ludicrous whole.

Track Listing

  1. There Goes the Neighborhood
  2. Tough Growing Up
  3. My New Bike
  4. Burnt Pizza
  5. Should've Used More Tape
  6. Not Good At Taking Advice
  7. Chicks Dig Me
  8. Nobody Tells Me Nothing
  9. Not Just For Breakfast Anymore
  10. Let Me Explain
  11. Easily Distracted
  12. Hey Little Buddy
  13. All Pumped Up
  14. Just Like Magic
  15. I know It s Not a Necklace
  16. Wait There s More
  17. I'm Out of Here

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