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Dwight York

Comedian Dwight York’s act has always been smart, funny and to the point. It was February 1989 when he took the stage for the first time. And from that very first open mic set, York established what was to become his trademark style: clever, concise, non sequitur, impeccably timed setup/punchline type jokes. These finely crafted jokes, blended together with his quirky stage persona and his unique style of delivery, quickly established him as one of Minneapolis’s hottest young comics. Within two years he began working regularly as a “feature act” at the (then hottest) Twin Cities comedy club chain, The Comedy Gallery.

York is a regular guest on the nationally syndicated radio program, The Bob and Tom Show. His first appearance was a tremendous hit. His joke, “I was homeless for awhile – I didn’t want anyone to know so I slept in front of a Ticket Master,” became Tom Griswold’s “new favorite joke,” was replayed over and over and landed him a spot on the Bob and Tom CD: You Guys Rock. Since then York has been a member of the Friends of the Bob and Tom Show Tour.