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Doug Stanhope - Deadbeat Hero (download)

Doug Stanhope - Deadbeat Hero (download)

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Listening to Doug Stanhope’s “Deadbeat Hero” is a lot like playing a game of “Would you rather…?” with yourself. There are tough questions. You might discover larger truths about your own psyche. You’ll probably be disgusted. You might put your fingers in your ears and sing “la la laaaaa!” Because, as he puts it, a Stanhope routine’s a lot like being led into battle: some of you won’t be here when we’re done. But those of you who are? You’re the hearty souls, the battle-hardened comedy aficionados not too afraid to ask, “Would I rather perform fellatio on another man in order to earn the right to use derogatory terms for gay people or confront a self-satisfied southern law-man as he righteously raids a sex shop?” or “Would I rather go through life with a conjoined twin head atop my own or go all biblically ‘eye-for-an-eye’ with a molester priest?” or even “Would I rather send my mom in as a suicide bomber to protest the withholding of breakfast sandwiches in the afternoon or stubbornly vote ‘not guilty’ on an otherwise unanimous jury just to stick it to the man?”

Track Listing

  1. Steal Shit and Quit
  2. Leading You Into Battle
  3. He's Just Drunk
  4. Credit Where Credit Is Due
  5. Medicinal Marijuana
  6. New Holes
  7. Two-Headed Baby
  8. Breakfast Trannies
  9. Mississippi Dildo Bust
  10. Benefit For Fallen Officers
  11. Hero Pussy/Risk Life
  12. Troop Support(er)
  13. Rules of War
  14. Faggot
  15. What To Do About Mother
  16. Subway Breakfast
  17. Immigration
  18. Vasectomy
  19. Abortion
  20. Priest Molestation
  21. Marriage Is Gay
  22. Liberty And Justice For Who?
  23. Until The Mongols Come Over The Hills
  24. Democracy Is A Flawed Theory
  25. Trade Out
  26. Not Guilty
  27. Free Country?

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