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Doug Stanhope - Die Laughing (CD)

Doug Stanhope - Die Laughing (CD)

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Stanhope strikes back is nearly the best way we can put it. Die Laughing fearlessly follows in the steps of Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks in eviscerating the stagnant American mindset. From our president to MADD to radical pro-abortion views, Doug makes you think where you stand on a variety of today’s hot topics. You will be shocked, you will be astounded, you will laugh your goddamned head off.

Track Listing

  1. Stillborn Liver
  3. Drugs Are For Kids
  4. Second Hand Bullshit
  5. Hair In My Food
  6. Get Off The Field, You Suck!
  7. School Shootings
  8. Cowards
  9. Ants
  10. Wisdom
  11. President Doug
  12. Fuck You God
  13. Try Sodomy!
  14. Pro Abortion
  15. Lucky In Love
  16. Stuff I Should Have Edited Out But Didn’t
  17. Eeewwww!
  18. The Upside Of Sexual Abuse
  19. To Tell You The Truth
  20. Potty Mouth
  21. The Beautiful People

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