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Corey Adam - No Joke 2 (download)

Corey Adam - No Joke 2 (download)


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Crowd work. Drunk management. Vamping. Heckler shutdowns. Bachelorette banter. Clapbacks. The rebuttal portion. Whatever you call it, when the crowd brings the noise, Corey Adam brings the ruckus. Corey Adam’s fans know he can handle himself on stage, and now superfans can revel in the outtakes with No Joke 2 (no boogaloo). Each track, carefully plucked from a different live show around this great land, finds the unofficial mayor of Minneapolis comedy thinking on his feet and giving as good as he gets—nay, better. Next-level better. Take the live show home with the latest release from Stand Up! Records.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Corey Almost Gets Laid
  3. Bachelor(ette) Party
  4. Corey Meets a Cop
  5. Bullwinkle's Pt 1
  6. Cocksucker
  7. Man Tits
  8. Jake is Brutal
  9. I Like Odd Numbers
  10. Bullwinkle's Pt 2
  11. Gas Fire
  12. Uncross Your Fucking Arms 2
  13. Helpful Fatty
  14. Bucket of Hate
  15. Bullwinkle's Pt 3
  16. He's Up
  17. Pokemon the Movie 2000
  18. Working Class Superhero
  19. Pat's Wall
  20. Slow Clap
  21. Snapchat
  22. Still Not Seinfeld

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