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Corey Adam - Jokes (download)

Corey Adam - Jokes (download)

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Corey Adam’s first record, the Game of Rubber Chickens illustrated “No Joke,” took the path least traveled by showcasing only the asides, audience interactions, and nimble improv that more often makes the cutting room floor.

Now, graduating to “Jokes,” Corey Adam is ready to reveal the polished bits: tattoo related masturbatory chagrin, posthumous exploitation, getting booed in the ER, the intricacies of ending an open relationship, and personal growth via late-night television workout craze. The celebrated host of the “Dirty Bomb Shop” podcast has a pocket full of taquitos, and his homeboys do, too.

Track Listing

  1. Hello Kitty / Tattoos
  2. My Buddy Gus
  3. Wisdom Teeth
  4. Insanity
  5. Bear Box
  6. A Happy Meal
  7. Single
  8. Cosmic Bowling
  9. The Taquito Bandit
  10. Brutality
  11. Wendy's Drive Thru

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