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Chris Maddock - Point of Entry (download)

Chris Maddock - Point of Entry (download)

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The Twin Cities’ own Chris Maddock, host of Stand Up! Records’ Death Comedy Jam for nearly a decade, red-faced winter-biker, devoted husband and probably-gonna-be-fine dad, and little brother to the confoundingly-named Linus, is about to give the Seventh Street Entry, First Avenue’s less-famous ‘round the way girl, its own Purple Rain. That’s right, we’re calling it: “Point of Entry” has jokes so good and lines so memorable and they’ll go down in history alongside Morris Day’s “Let’s see some asses wigglin’!” Come to think of it, Maddock’s probably said that once or twice while trying to slip a turkey leg into a cocktail, but who hasn’t? Maddock’s got solid marriage advice, a great punishment plan for any rogue cop who might try to bust Willie Nelson, and the good sense to know if you’re busy objecting to calling a cat retarded, you might be mentally handicapped. When it’s not the sex change so much as the name change that gets you, Chris Maddock’s your man. If you know that Clapton got the tempo wrong on “Cocaine,” Chris Maddock’s your man. And if you’re just looking to find out the best insult to hurl at Christian rockers, oh yes, Chris Maddock’s your man. “Point of Entry” may have been a long time coming, but it’s already a classic. In this special set, we’re proud to include Maddock’s first DVD, “Rookie Mistake,” wherein our hometown hero demonstrates that, while he may not yet have figured out what’s a funny enough thing to do while getting a BJ to risk the cooling off period in which he will most definitely not get blown, he is capable of pantomime mainlining XTreme soup and boisterously acting out the best, longest, most densely sexual innuendo fueled hypothetical scene ever conceived. That’s comedy quality that can only be conveyed in DVD form, and it’s why we’re stoked to bring the vision of the Rusty Trombone salesman to your home.

Track Listing

  1. DUI/Circumcised
  2. Oops, I've got Tattoos
  3. Linus
  4. Take Your Pants Off
  5. Pornytail/Come On Inn
  6. Mentally Handicat/Lithp
  7. Isle of Gays
  8. Clapton is not God
  9. The Good Cheese
  10. Cops Should Do Drugs
  11. Rot in Heaven
  12. Stroke Victim
  13. Judge Awsumb
  14. Extremely Extreme

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