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Chris Maddock - Country Music Legend (video)

Chris Maddock - Country Music Legend (video)



Ladies and gentlemen and nonbinary buckaroos, please put your hands together for the caterwaulin’ country comedy stylings of Chris Maddock and his occasional backing band, the Charismatics! Back with his second album from Stand Up! Records, the Twin Cities stand-out stand-up, Death Comedy Jam host, and founding member of the Minneapolis Comedy Death Squad is ready to sweat right through his knock-off Nudie Suit to bring you anti-ranch-dressing diatribes lovingly interspersed with narrative country (and western!). Think Deke Dickerson, Junior Brown, and Mitch Hedberg in a three-piece or the dry timing of story-telling Lyle Lovett crossed with the wet timing of the Supersuckers; John Prine and George Carlin by a fire or Adam Pally by way of Jerry Reed (in a “Roses for Mama” mode, not so much “Around the World with the Rubber Duck”). Now wrap that in a sepia-toned montage, add a strong moustache and a weak core, and you’re all set. When they go low? Chris Maddock goes lower. He’s a “Country Music Legend.”


Chris Maddock: Country Music Legend from Stand Up! Records on Vimeo.

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