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Rick Shapiro - Catalyst for Change (CD)

Rick Shapiro - Catalyst for Change (CD)

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Rick Shapiro’s a wildcard. He’ll say “zucchini muffin” whenever he wants… but you can’t make him! His delivery smacks of George Carlin mixing salmon with caffeine, taurine, and six or seven pharmaceuticals, and now he’s trying to date because he’s out of hooker money. As he puts it, the least he can do is date a homeless woman, because like hookers their best element is that they never, ever want to talk about American Idol. This album comes to us following a severe cab accident in NYC, which caused complete amnesia. You might doubt he’s fully mended when faced with the brilliant, aggressive, mind-boggling onslaught of “Catalyst for Change.” Imagine Gil Scott-Heron, warning of the coming revolution after eight shots of espresso and threatening you about using his toothbrush. Or maybe Terry Richardson with a microphone instead of a camera, a 20oz. Red Bull, and unlimited access to a roomful of Miss Teen USA hopefuls. Or maybe Dan Savage lamenting the downfall of the cocaine 80s, manically fighting himself and the impulse to go beyond asking everyone to be “good, giving, and game” and ordering them to beat their wife with a cat and, if they’re over 30, make sure you’ve tried out every possible sexual act because, without doing that, you might as well off yourself. Now combine those three, add a little “Animal” from the Muppets, and declare yourself a winner. Because by this time, you should own “Catalyst for Change.” And if you do, like Stand Up! Records, you are a winner.

Track Listing

  1. Don't Get Offended
  2. Love You, Hate Me
  3. Fuck an Orifice
  4. Morning Rules, Thoughts and Choices
  5. Singularity
  6. Transcendent Battling of the Truth
  7. Wild World
  8. Dating and/or Racism
  9. Just Psychotic
  10. Manipulative Tenderness
  11. Narcissism
  12. Consumerism
  13. Accommodate-ing
  14. Dead Ideas

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