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Rick Shapiro

Any working NYC comedian has a Rick Shapiro story due to his eccentricities. On stage, Rick’s act is an intense, borderline insane observational view about today’s society. He is known for putting on 2 hour long shows in small NYC rooms. It takes an open mind to walk the path of Rick’s perspective – especially with his diverse history. After suffering a sever head injury causing complete amnesia, we are pleased to see him on stage and in great health.

Shapiro truly is a misunderstood genius. No industry, politician, chain, label, religion, or race escapes the observation of Rick’s guise. Step into his mind. Engage in his thought. Walk the landscape of Rick’s reality.

Rick is a staple of the NYC and LA Underground Comedy Scene. His life story is featured in “GIVE IT UP,” a book by award-winning author Adrian LeBlanc, which will be published by Random House this summer. Additionally, Rick is featured in the latest award-winning comedic book SATIRISTAS. Rick Shapiro was a regular on HBO’s sitcom, “Lucky Louie,” as the brother-in-law Jerry. Rick was recently a guest on CBS’s ‘2 Broke Girls’ and FX’s ‘The League’. Also expect to see Rick on the big screen in WB’s feature film release of ‘PROJECT X’ come March 2, 2012. And look for Rick’s first book ‘UNFILTERED’.

Rick, although a long-time devote and icon of the underground scene in the Lower East Side of NYC, now resides in Los Angeles, California.