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Ross Bennett - …Not If You Were the Last Man on Earth! (CD)

Ross Bennett - …Not If You Were the Last Man on Earth! (CD)

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For Ross Bennett, it’s the little things: Showing up at a thrift store the day after a guy your size dies. Finding $20 in your pocket. An unintentional laugh-line in a police report. Cranial integrity. A soft, pillowy death-bed helpfully placed in Ikea’s assisted suicide sample room. His is a kind of observational comedy full of slips and surprises that bridge the divides between what he calls “New York City” and “New York Country” (the title of his first record), between blue state and red state, between hunting and huntin’, and between major world religions locked in generational, geographic conflict (well, okay, maybe not that last one—tough nut to crack and all). For Bennett, the key seems to be his generous application of the sort of radical transparency he’s learned to bring to a first date; then again, aggressive, pre-emptive rejection tends to bring out the best of our worst. Blame it on the buffet!

Track Listing

  1. She Did Not Look Surprised!
  2. Split My Face in Half
  3. He Died Doing What He Loved
  4. You Don't Have to Work Dirty
  5. My Solution to the Mid-East Problem
  6. Minnesota Nice
  7. Hunting vs. Huntin'
  8. Washington Was a Transvestite
  9. I Lost Seventy Pounds
  10. Not If You Were the Last Man on Earth
  11. Vomit Up My Life Story
  12. Colonoscopy
  13. Bonus Track: The Professional Gospel Wrestling Hour

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