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Dylan Brody - Brevity (CD)

Dylan Brody - Brevity (CD)

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An award-winning novelist and playwright, Dylan Brody is hysterically funny, but in the most understated, beautiful, poignant, and well-wrought way possible. To simply call what he does on Brevity, his first studio album, stand up comedy would be to undercut each story's intricacies, glossing over what Brody remembers his father calling the difference between the truth and the facts. At the same time, storytelling is another too-narrow label, suggesting stodginess and boredom where Brody's listeners, instead, find goofy stories of this good Jewish boy eating peyote and going on a vision quest with the Penobscot at age 11, and hearing a joke told at his former prep school twisted into a literal attempt to solicit sexual favors from the entire student body. With his quick wit and paradoxically tangled but straightforward tales, Brody is insightful, hilarious, and well worth repeated listening. Hell, the guy's even owned a cat that could tell time. Who wouldn't want to grab a drink and hear that story?

Track Listing

  1. Xenophobia and the Jewish Druid
  2. Secret Shame of the Casual Conspirator
  3. Be Here Now
  4. Civics Lessons
  5. A Very Smart Cat
  6. The New York Dada Festival
  7. Corner of Starbucks and Christopher
  8. Vision Quest

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