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Ari Shaffir - Revenge for the Holocaust (black vinyl)

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Perhaps best known for his series The Amazing Racist (easily Googled, but remember, even the comic recommends you not watch them at work), Ari Shaffir is a man of many trades. Yes, he is an amazing racist, when called upon to be such. But he is also a creative man who’s come up with a quiet, yet effective way to get revenge for the holocaust, one traffic jam at a time. He’s a trusting man who will, for just a moment, wonder if the stupid person is right; a giving man, who will obligingly glaze your wall when having top-bunk sex, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, of course; and a philosophic man, who, having noticed that we built a golden ladder to the moon and dismantled Mormon theology, reckons it’s time for black people to stop listening to them. Even more than all this, though, Ari Shaffir is a daring man, who will up the Jew-ante with a beard and bravely hit the stage to say what your darkest, yet most innocent and ridiculous inner voice is trying to whisper, but isn’t courageous enough to even think. Shaffir’s limited edition vinyl LP “Revenge for the Holocaust” might not get him a lot of dates, but the reviews will be worth the loneliness. And if all else fails, his new respect for the Scottish people might gain him a lass or two overseas.

Ari Shaffir would also like us to let you know that, in addition to his fine stand-up recordings, he hosts a podcast, tours the world constantly, and has a new online special with no censors and no sponsors, “Passive Aggressive.” We’re betting he’s more on the aggressive side.

This is the black vinyl edition of "Revenge of the Holocaust"

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