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Mike Stanley - Shiner (CD&DVD)

Mike Stanley - Shiner (CD&DVD)


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Mike Stanley is back in the Rust Belt, deciding the promise of post-earthquake California looting had nothing on the beauty of late-afternoon Detroit sunlight glinting off the poverty. Even better, he’s got a present for you: an hour of audio, an hour of video, and a lifetime of wondering, “What if alcohol wasn’t his real problem?” On “Shiner,” his new CD/DVD set (and limited edition vinyl record), Stanley shows that going dry has only sharpened his skills. His award-winning stand up calls to mind Dave Attell and Patton Oswalt, at turns seethingly untethered, relentlessly analytical, and charmingly conspiratorial as he indulges his audience in a biting, though never malicious, dispatch from his unending middle-America middle-weight bout. Dukes up, defenses down, friends: Mickey Bluejeans, Ol’ “Weatherbones” Mike Stanley is fixin’ to explain gay marriage to your kids and the sex appeal of female body builders to anyone who’ll listen.

Track Listing

  1. Shook
  2. My Friend Hank (Just Come Home)
  3. You Shall Become a Cloud Again...
  4. Unsung Hero
  5. Man's Delusional Plan
  6. Mystical Mumbo Jumbo
  7. How I Chose to Live
  8. Safe in Your Arms
  9. Feminism
  10. Insecurity vs Airport Security
  11. Rubbers, Buns & Puns
  12. Whatever You Want

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