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Keith Lowell Jensen - Atheist Christmas (CD&DVD)

Keith Lowell Jensen - Atheist Christmas (CD&DVD)

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Social scientists have found, time and again, that atheists are one of the least trusted groups in North America. They rank lower than most ethnic and racial minorities, lower than convicted rapists. People would rather elect politicians who have done drugs or had affairs than those who might admit they just can’t quite get on board with the whole son-of-a-virgin-and-a-terrible-and-swift-God deal. Most just say they can’t imagine how an atheist who doesn’t believe in a higher power that can punish them for wrong-doing could possibly have a moral compass. “Science is not miracle enough,” they seem to say. “Humanity and compassion are not morality enough.” “December 25th without genuflection is not enough!” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where Keith Lowell’s Jensen’s Atheist Christmas comes in.

Picture it: Jensen cozied up in a cardigan and slippers, settling down in front of his non-denominational deciduous celebration shrub to tell that age-old tale, “’Twas the Night Before December 25th.” Are the Whos of Whoville any less inspiring than two rebellious California lesbians? Is a bird exacting instant karma any less miraculous than finding a white baby in the Middle East? Is a church camp counselor any more moral than a confused teenager with an erection that could cut glass? Is a hungry tiger tossing an effigy of a human baby into the ol’ Easy Bake Oven any less lovely a creature than a 3-year-old with no need for dolls? Are we—gulp—good without God? Keith Lowell Jensen is. In fact, he’s f*cking great, at comedy and life, without God.

Track Listing

  1. Reindeer Poop
  2. O Christmas Tree
  3. Christmas Bible
  4. Santa Claus RIP
  5. Tiger Tales
  6. Lie to the Children
  7. Feminine Hijinx
  8. Pussy Knee
  9. Scientology Flatline
  10. Goooogle
  11. Short Jokes
  12. Depression
  13. The Finger
  14. A Little Ditty
  15. Truther Who?
  16. A Bad Ass in Whoville

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