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Keith Lowell Jensen

Keith Lowell Jensen has found a very unique niche in comedy. He is the non-pot smoker that performs at pro-marijuana legalization benefits. He is the straight host of The Gay and Lesbian Comedy Show. He is the non-disabled founder and sometimes host of The Comedians With Disabilities Act, and he is the atheist member of the multi-faith comedy show about religion, The Coexist? Comedy Tour. Yes, Keith Lowell Jensen the Non-Pot Smoker, Non-Gay, Non-Religious, Non-Disabled comedian has become a professional token.

This oddball comedian is not exactly a well kept secret. He tours, writes, and performs ceaselessly, including stints as the opener for Norm Macdonald, Robin Williams, Doug Stanhope, and Will Durst. He has been written about in the pages of The Washington Post (which raved, “A work of Demented Genius”), and the LA Times featured his Coexist? Comedy Tour on the front page of their entertainment section. ABC Radio Los Angeles interviewed Jensen about his panhandling escapades, and he is a regular guest on NPR affiliate station Capital Public Radio.

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