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Jake Flores - Bad Omen (video)

Jake Flores - Bad Omen (video)



Jake Flores, an antifa hero in a mariachi t-shirt, is the kind of agitator whose tweets can end in a federal raid of his Brooklyn apartment, the kind of innovator who avoids hotel bills with impromptu, apolitical aquarium sit-ins rather than risk disrespecting the Civil Rights Museum, and the kind of elder millennial who can make an extremely specific Joy Division joke while acknowledging he might genuinely like Bob Seger, too. He’s so damn wise and/or humble and/or high on poppers and Xbox that he can reference the panopticon and name-drop David Foster Wallace, declare Texas “queer as hell, man” (they already say y’all—plural, all y’all—and they’re fully comfortable with a hearty, “Howdy, partner!”), and still forget his own brilliant pronouncements.

Among the notable quotables and future throw-pillow embroideries featured in “Bad Omen”: “Nothing worse than coming in second in the short-dick contest.” “When someone throws a bible at you, you know what they’re trying to say.” “Some chick with Skrillex hair wants to teach you how to do butt stuff right, like without throwing out your back? Cool.” And of course, with an assist from Mishka Shubaly, “Sometimes you headline. Sometimes, you just go on last.”

Jake Flores: Bad Omen from Stand Up! Records on Vimeo.

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