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Jake Flores

“A young man with his finger on the pulse of the community, mostly so he can find a vein to sell plasma out of; Jake is showing audiences all around the country what it means to tell yourself to settle for less when really you were never worth any more. If alcohol is your cup of tea (you put booze in your tea, because you are both pretentious and an alcoholic) then Jake Flores is right up your alley, meaning he appeals to you, and he also is probably currently sleeping one off in an alley. So if you have any interest in seeing what the Onion AV club refers to as “shows include:” and who tours regularly with the Altercation Punk Rock Comedy tour, come on down to a show and prepared to be wowed by (sadly) one of the most talented young comedians working today.” -Nick Mullen

Flores adds:

  • I was a finalist in NBC’s Stand Up For Diversity (2007)
  • I have toured the country with the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour.
  • I have performed at The Fest in Gainesville FL as well as Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin TX.
  • I have worked with comics such as Greg Fitzsimmons, Tig Notaro, Jim Norton, and Doug Stanhope.

More at his website