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Ryan Singer Combo Pack (2 CDs & pin)


Special combination for Ryan Singer fans:

Comedy Wonder Town CD

In many ways, award-winning comic Ryan Singer is made up of just a few constitutive elements: wonder, a biological clock, and dick jokes (which, incidentally, will be your life raft should you find yourself adrift sometime after he welcomes you to Comedy Wonder Town and just before he begins considering the amazing process that is making a pair of scissors from scratch). But when they all come together, it’s comedy alchemy. 

Immortal for Now CD

Ryan Singer: junior mutton buster, public urinator, Frankenstein truther. Part Jim David, part Mitch Hedberg, and all failed cowboy, Singer is here to help you explore the comedic multiverse, in which anyone can get caught in a Labradoodle lick-loop and the stardust might be something a bit stickier. 

Strange enamel pin

Designed by Dan Umthun
1.25 inches tall
Five-Color die-struck soft enamel pin
Single clutch back

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